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Cheryl Samusevich,
a corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant, hosts a series of seminars for executives who want to outclass the competition with the best business etiquette, dining skills and international protocol.

Cheryl Samusevich is trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington®. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from The University of Nebraska at Kearney with over fifteen years of teaching experience and over twenty years of experience in sales and marketing.

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Cheryl Samusevich
Etiquette Solutions, L.L.C.

Lincoln, NE 68506


Outclass the Competition Dining Skills - Actions speak louder than words - Dining etiquette will give you the advantage in all situations.

In this competitive atmosphere, good dining skills are a must. Whether you are conducting business abroad or entertaining clients here in the U.S., your manners - Especially your table manners, are very important to executives.

This seminar is presented while participants enjoy a lunch or dinner. The seminar is held in a private dining room with instruction and training during the meal. Topics covered in the seminar include:

Master Business Entertaining:

  • Invitations
  • Receiving Lines
  • Host and Guest Duties
  • Seating Guidelines
  • Taking Your Seat and Napkins
  • Styles of Eating - American and Continental
  • Posture at the Table and Excusing Yourself
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Place Setting Maps
  • Dining Dos and Don’t
  • Eating Various Foods
  • Finger Bowls
  • Toasting
  • Tipping

This seminar prepares you for every social occasion where business may be promoted or conducted. This seminar may be combined with the Business Etiquette Seminar for a full-day session.

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