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Cheryl Samusevich,
a corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant, hosts a series of seminars for executives who want to outclass the competition with the best business etiquette, dining skills and international protocol.

Cheryl Samusevich is trained and certified by the Protocol School of Washington®. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from The University of Nebraska at Kearney with over fifteen years of teaching experience and over twenty years of experience in sales and marketing.

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Cheryl Samusevich
Etiquette Solutions, L.L.C.

Lincoln, NE 68506


Today in the fiercely competitive business arena, etiquette is an essential tool used by all successful individuals. Proper business etiquette is an integral part of all successful business development programs. Business Etiquette training will give you that extra edge that makes the difference between you and another person competing for the same business.

Business Etiquette for today will empower you to present yourself with confidence and authority by instructing you on the following critical topics:

  • Etiquette and Protocol
  • The Benefits of Etiquette and Protocol Intelligence
  • Distinguish Yourself from the Competition
  • Eye Contact
  • Eye Signals
  • How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room
  • Improving Your Mingling Proficiency
  • Handshaking - The Ultimate Greeting
  • Introductions – Introducing Yourself and Others
  • Forms of Address
  • Remembering Names
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Conversation Skills
  • Telephone Skills
  • Nonverbal Communications
  • E-mail Etiquette
  • Dress for Success

This seminar includes role playing exercises. Each participant is provided a workbook to keep as a reference guide.

How you handle yourself and motivate others are components of the competitive edge and critical to the longevity and advancement of your career. This three-hour seminar can be combined with the dining skills seminar for a full day session.

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